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Why me?

Let’s face it, emotional eating is a very “alone” problem. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t binge on tons of unhealthy foods in front of people. When you binge, you’re alone.

Sometimes you binge because you’re sad, angry, lonely, frustrated, or bored. You know it’s not your fault, but it sure feels like you’re to blame. I mean no one is forcing the food into your mouth, right?

For me, the aftermath of binging was always the same…..GUILT….. Oh… the guilt. It was almost unbearable.

Have you ever thought to yourself?. ..why me?

I mean, not everyone has an issue with food, right? Not everyone thinks about food 24 hours a day. Not everyone cares about counting every calorie or spends hours picking their body apart while criticizing every flaw.


When I was struggling with emotional eating I always thought everyone else had it “all together”. I tried to “have it all together myself”, but on the inside, I just felt like a mess!

Can you relate?

Many people spend their entire lives convincing themselves that emotional eating is not “fixable”.

This was me for decades. I knew I had a problem, but I just assumed I’d be dealing with it forever. So, I never even tried to fix it for real. My only solution was to go on a diet, which we all know doesn’t work long-term!

I envied people who didn’t seem to be struggling with food and I admired their sense of self-control.

What I didn’t take into consideration was that emotional eating was just a cover-up for a lifetime of mental self-abuse.

You see, because of my lack of self-worth, and lack of self-esteem, I never believed that I had the option to end the vicious cycle of emotional eating.

It was all I had ever known.

Until I was able to turn “WHY ME?” into “NOT ME!” I could not see that I was the one thing that was standing in my own way.

I had allowed my thoughts to get the best of me and I had no idea how to stop.

Until I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Once I told myself, there WAS a solution, and I shifted my mindset from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, I no longer felt like a victim of my circumstances.

I was free to explore WHY I was struggling with emotional eating, to begin with and since I fixed the root cause of the problem, have never struggled again. That was 10 years ago!!

Can you just imagine?

So, do me a favor, next time you think “WHY ME”, think “NOT ME” and decide to end the cycle of overeating simply by shifting your belief system.

It worked for me, and it works for the hundred women that I coach.

Try it. You’ve got nothing to lose but your emotional eating habits forever!

Let’s face it, emotional eating is a very “alone” problem. If you’re anything like me, you


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