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Discover Your "Food Thing" Self-Starter System is one of a kind, step-by-step blueprint designed specifically for women struggling with decades of emotional eating habits.

This system is a "bite-sized" version of our Signature VIP program which is a 6-month coaching opportunity meant to help you unravel the emotional weave that entangles you with food.

Unlike the 6-month plan, which includes coaching support, and a more extensive learning opportunity, This less extensive plan is meant to just get your "feet wet", so that you can try self-discovery "on for size" which will help you see if it's the right "fit for you".

If you are struggling with emotional eating, Discover Your "Food Thing" Self-Starter System is the first next step in the right direction. This system will inspire you to shift your mindset from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs! 

  • Crush Self-Starter

    Ideal for members looking to get a "taste" of self discovery
    • Lifetime access to Your Self-Starter learning HUB
    • 1:1 Clarity Call with a qualified Program Coach
    • 1 Free Pass to join our VIP Hub Club Training Call