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Are you making lateral progress?

Imagine this, you are walking down the street and you see a hole in the sidewalk. You fall in. You're lost, your helpless, it isn't your fault, and you can't find a way out.

But then, you see a rope.

You grab the rope and pull yourself up for a bit, then you see a ledge, and you start stepping sideways again.

You immediately fall into another hole. Just like before, you're lost, your helpless, and you can't find a way out.

Until you see another rope...

You repeat this process indefinitely.

Once you get the hang of it, you get "comfortable" with the routine.

You know it's not the life you want because, let's face it, falling into a hole causes a considerable amount of pain, but at least you know what to expect.

So, you get used to it and you always live your life "comfortably uncomfortable".

You often wonder what would happen if you continued to climb up the rope instead of getting off at the ledge.

But, you are too scared since you can't see the top and you don't think you are strong enough to climb that distance.

You dream about it often but have no idea how to take that leap of faith.

So, you stick with what you know and suffer in silence.

Now..... let's define this in terms that might be familiar to you.

You have gained a bunch of weight and you don't really know why.

You are drawn towards sweets, chips, bread, and basically, anything that gives you emotional "comfort".

(This is the street you are walking down.)

You feel stressed more times than not and you really didn't recognize that extra 30 lbs. creeping on. (This is the sidewalk hole.)

Suddenly, you hear of a new diet that is "guaranteed" to help you lose weight. So, you jump on board and try as hard as you can to follow the plan to a T. (This is the rope.)

Then, as soon as you start feeling "good", life throws you a curve ball. Either something stressful happens, there's a party to go to, a vacation coming up, etc... and you stop following your diet plan. (This is the ledge.)

Next thing you know, you have regained the weight, your stress level is through the roof, and you have completely lost any sense of direction. (You are back on the same street, about to fall into a hole.)

Does this story sound familiar to you?

I have but one question...

How did you get on that street, to begin with?

If you are ready to learn more and break this vicious cycle. then self-discovery might be an option for you.

With Abundant Love & Positive Energy,

Coach Lisa


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