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Repair Your Emotional Relationship with Food

Roadmap to Repair Your Relationship with Food is for women who want to understand their relationship with themselves so they can get to the root cause of their emotional eating habits. When you work through this system, you will gain access to our online portal where you will receive a roadmap of how to take the first 5 steps to emotional freedom through self-discovery. 1. Bridge the gap between your now self, to your future self, by clearing out any thought that is meant to keep you stuck. 2. Reboot your mindset so that you can break the endless pattern of negative self-talk. Once you can think clearly you will be able to silence your fears so that you can learn to spend your emotional energy wisely. 3 Mend the pieces of your broken heart by maturing frozen emotions. This is the foundational breakthrough that is required to transform your relationship with food. 4. Change your habits by connecting your intentions with your purpose. This is where you will give yourself permission to explore the next chapter of your life free from food controlling your emotions. 5. Leave behind your old limiting patterns so that you can grow strong on a new foundation and end emotional eating forever. To Purchase this program: - Select 'Start Now'. - Sign up to become a member. - Complete the payment information. If you have any questions you can reach out at With Abundant Love & Positive Energy, Coach Lisa


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