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Emotional Eating Coach Lisa Callahan

Hi there,

I’m Coach Lisa Callahan, Motivational Health and Life Coach for women across the globe who are struggling with emotional eating. 


As an expert in the health and fitness field for over 30 years, I understand the struggles women go through trying to achieve their ideal body weight, I have made it my life’s mission to help identify their invisible emotional relationship with food through a journey of self-discovery.


After turning around my own unhealthy relationship with food, body image, and severe health complications, I discovered the root cause of my emotional eating habits & dysmorphic body image, & low self-worth  through understanding myself on a deeper level.


I now empower thousands of women to create a life fuelled by freedom instead of food without diets, deprivation, or damage to their social lives.

Lisa x

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"Crush that Food Thing is an amazing group of beautiful, supporting women who get together with an amazing Coach Lisa Callahan in a safe space. The Crush that Food Thing Team really knows how to make you feel comfortable with loving yourself.”

Jacqueline A.

Roberta S.

"Crush that Food Thing is a life changer for me. The years of being with this group have helped me live a healthy life and my doctor has stopped seeing me four times a year and instead sees me once a year. Which is amazing at the age of 77! I love working with Coach Lisa because she is kind, helpful, and non-judgmental."

Shirley S.

Book a free Mindset Shift Call

Explore the root cause of your emotional eating habits with this 1-hour health & life coaching session. We will take the time to help you get a better understanding of what's going on underneath the food. 

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